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UK Packet Radio Network Wiki

This is a resource for sharing information about the UK packet radio network. The purpose of this site is to support the restoration and improvement of a UK-scale amateur radio-centric data network. The site is newly created, with content being added as contributed.
Anyone can contribute - to do so, please see Contributing.
Please also consider joining the ukpacketradio, particularly as a node owner.




The UK packet radio network consists of the following nodes which have an NoV, plus stations which choose to run under personal callsigns, which are not currently recorded here. There is a map of stations with an NoV here, driven by current ETCC data, and a live connectivity map driven by data from nodes currently online (NB this contains only partial data as node software support is added and upgraded.)

RF connectivity between packet nodes in the UK remains relatively patchy, with connectivity being internet-based or indeed totally absent, which this initiative seeks to help address.

GB7xxx calls are “nodes with mailbox”, and MB7Nxx calls are simply “nodes”, i.e. “nodes without mailbox”. “Mailbox” commonly refers to packet mail service and/or BBS. “Node” is a rough synonym for “station” - the top-level entity at a given location. A node may provide services such as chat, mail, BBS or others, or nothing at all apart from onwards connectivity to other nodes.

If you become aware of a packet node which isn't in the list above, please consider creating and populating a page for it.

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