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GB7IOW Isle of Wight

40m and 2m packet node with mailbox NoV, located on the Isle of Wight. Only RF connection, No IP.


  • 7045.76 kHz USB (dial) 300 baud IL2P (1600/1800Hz tones, CF 7047.46 kHz) - GPSDO-verified
  • 144.950MHz 1200 Baud AX.25
  • if you are local and want test 70cms or 23cms links please contact Sysop

Packet mail region #48.GBR.EURO Forwarding mail to Scotland and Northwest England on HF.

Sysop: M0NVK [email protected]

Locator: IO90hr
Lat/lon of grid corner: 50.729167, -1.375000

Antenna: VHF Diamond X-200, HF 80m Loop

Software: BPQ

Neighbours: GB7SOU (G1GXB, Southampton), G7BCS (Kevin, Four Marks), MB7NSC (Paul M0EYT + Jules G0NZO, IO80uu)

HF NinoTNC settings: 1101 (300 baud IL2P)

VHF NinoTNC settings: 0110 (1200 baud AX.25)

If you have more information about this node, or you are the sysop, please consider contributing.

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