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GB7COW Bideford, north Devon

2m packet node with mailbox NoV

Frequency: 144.95 MHz

Packet mail region #44.GBR.EURO

Sysop: Ken G7VJA

Locator: IO70sx
Lat/lon of grid corner: 50.979167, -4.458333

From Ken:

I am the sysop of GB7COW Xfbb BBS, GB7COW-5 Uronode (RF Front end), GB7COW-3 Linbpq, G7VJA-5 Xrouter packet node, plus stacks of Pi4 running something packet related.
Former keeper of MB7UFO which i ran for 21 years, and former T2England APRS server.
Been a sysop since 2002, gone rusty on some of the new features these days.
Still use Tiny2 with Jkiss EEPROMs and KISS.

If you have more information about this node, or you are the sysop, please consider contributing.

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