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MB7NSC Bell Hill, Dorset


  • 144.950 MHz 1200bd AX25 User access - Operational
  • 439.950 MHz 9600bd IL2P(+crc) Link to MB7NBH and GB7GDT - Operational
  • 70.3125 MHz 4800bd IL2P(+crc) Link to GB7RDG and GB7BDH - Operational
  • 50.650 MHz 2400bd IL2P(+crc) Experimental link - Not yet on air.

Sysops: G0NZO M0EYT

Locator: IO80uu
Lat/lon of grid corner: 50.854167, -2.291667
Site ~252mtrs ASL

2mtr - Tait TM8100, NinoTNC. X50 at 5mtrs 7dBW erp
70cm - Tait TM8200, NinoTNC. Antenna shared with 2mtrs 7dBW erp
4mtr - Tait TM8100, NinoTNC, vertical dipole at 4mtrs height, 7dBm erp
6mtr - ADK6001, NinoTNC, Antenna TBA.

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