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GB7WOK Wokingham, Berkshire

2m, 70cm packet node with mailbox NoV

Linked reliably to GB7RDG and GB7WOD.

GB7WOK Operational Configuration:

pilinbpq Node - Raspberry Pi 3B

Port 1: 144.925MHz

    Radio:       Motorola GM340
    TNC:         NinoTNC v3.31
    Protocol:    AX25
    Baud Rate:   1200
    Max. Power:  2.4dBW ERP

Port 2: 432.625MHz

    Radio:       Motorola GM340
    TNC:         NinoTNC v3.31
    Protocol:    IL2Pc
    Baud Rate:   9600 
    Max. Power:  6.9dBW ERP

Antenna: Diamond X30 colinear at 3m AGL via Maldol 144/432Mhz Duplexer

Packet mail region: #42.GBR.EURO

Sysop: Loz G2DD

Locator: IO91OJ

Lat/lon : 51.40490N, 0.82239W

NGR: SU8200667971

If you have more information about this node, or you are the sysop, please consider contributing.

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