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GB7IJC Killingworth, North Tyneside

2m Packet Node with FAC (Frequency Assignment Certificate)

Sysop: Andy 2E0IJC


  • 144.9375MHz 1200 Baud AX.25



  • Tait 8110 - Operating
  • Yaesu FTM-300D - Standby


  • NinoTNC Firmware v3-35
  • Switches 0110
  • Mode 0110

Looking to move to faster speeds and have successfully tested 4800 Baud GFSK IL2P+ CRC (Mode 0100) with GB7CNR

Software: BPQ32 - using the OARC Packet Radio Repository


Locator: IO95fa Lat/lon of grid corner: 55.02, -1.54

  • Moo - Cowsay welcome to GB7IJC
  • Wx - Latest Weather at Killingworth QTH
  • Flt - Real time feed of flights tracked using ADSB 1090MHz: See OARC ADSB Wiki

I'm grateful for the help, time and patience of various individuals in getting GB7IJC up and running, but particular thanks to Robin (M0JQQ), Greg (M0ODZ) and Tom (ME0LTE).

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