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Packet Network Map

To access the live connectivity map, driven by data sent by up-to-date packet nodes, click:

Use the “RF Only” and “Include internet” links in the top right as desired. On mobile, use this link for RF-only, until I sort out the buttons on mobile.

Green links - current RF NET/ROM connections

Blue links - recent RF MHEARD entries

Purple links - internet

Location data is augmented using data from this file - submit a PR to add data to this file. If you don't know how to do this, contact M0LTE to get it manually added.

Taking Part

If you want your node to appear on the map, follow the instructions for the software you are using:


This works out of the box with latest xrouter / xrpi.


Grab a recent BPQ beta build and in your config, specify `LOCATOR` and `EnableM0LTEMap=1` in your config.

Linux Kernel

Szymon M0GZP has scripted a simple agent to submit updates to the API. See


Not aware of any other implementations. Add them here if you find any.


  • Add layer filters
  • Add search
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