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GB7WOD Woodley, Berkshire

2m, 70cm packet node with mailbox NoV

Linked reliably to GB7RDG and GB7WOK.


  • 144.9375 MHz 1200 baud AX.25
  • 432.6250 MHz 9600 baud IL2P+CRC

Packet mail region #42.GBR.EURO, but not running a BBS. Users are advised to connect to GB7RDG for mail service, either direct or through GB7WOD.

Sysop: Denis G4KWT

Location: Woodley, Reading - IO91nl, NGR SU7780273921

Antenna: X30 colinear

Elevation: 41m ASL

Software: LinBPQ


  • WODCHT - chat
  • WODBBS - bbs
  • WOODY - digipeater

If you have more information about this node, or you are the sysop, please consider contributing.

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