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GB7RDG Reading, Berkshire

General service 40m, VHF and UHF BPQ node with great take-off to all southerly azimuths from west Reading.

Live traffic monitor:

Sights set on QO-100 service. AX.25 over UDP/IP (AXIP) service available as a last resort. Interested in 868MHz mesh linking, and AREDN.

Linked reliably to G7BCS (and onwards to GB7IOW) via VHF, and to GB7WOD (Woodley, somewhat subject to conditions) and GB7WOK (Wokingham) via UHF.

Centre Pol Dial for NinoTNC Mode NinoTNC mode Status
7052.75 kHz H 7051.25 USB BPSK300 IL2P+CRC 1000 active
50.650 MHz V 50.6485 USB BPSK300 IL2P+CRC 1000 inop (EMC issue to solve)
144.950 MHz V 144.950 FM NinoTNC QPSK3600 IL2P+CRC 0101 (v39 fw) active
432.625 MHz V 432.625 FM G3RUH 9600 IL2P+CRC 0010 active

NB- relatively recent NinoTNC firmware required (31 or higher) - see for easy process.

NET/ROM enabled on VHF/UHF ports. Please keep nodes broadcasts short on 6m.

Packet mail region #42.GBR.EURO

Sysop: Tom M0LTE (M0LTE@GB7RDG.#42.GBU.EURO)

Locator: IO91lk
Lat/lon: 51.447, -1.027


  • Raspberry Pi 2b + Raspberry Pi OS
  • LinBPQ
  • 4x NinoTNC
  • 1x Tait TM8110 VHF
  • 1x Tait TM8200 UHF
  • Diamond V2000 antenna + MX2000 triplexer
  • FT-450 for 6m
  • FT-450D and low wire dipole for 40m


Early days, but GB7RDG presently forwards packet mail and a subset of bulletins. Broadly:

  • EI7IUB gets Ireland mail
  • GB7IOW Isle of Wight is the catch-all
  • #43.GBR.EURO → GB7MNK via internet
  • GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO and GB7WEM.#32.GBR.EURO → GB7CIP via internet
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