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MB7NFI Liverpool, Merseyside

2m packet node

Frequency: 144.9375 MHz

Sysop: M0NFI

Locator: IO83
Lat/lon of grid corner: 53.500000, -3.000000

MB7NFI is a North Western Repeater Group Packet Node, more information can be found here.

MB7NFI is probably unusual in its setup. On the radio site, a Tait TM8110 radio is connected via a CM108 USB soundcard to a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The Pi uses Linux and Direwolf to connect to BPQ32 on a cloud VM via a Zerotier VPN.

MB7NFI shares a Diamond X50 antenna with the repeater GB3RX using a Diamond MX-72A diplexer

A custom written application MENU provides news, sport, weather, QRZ lookup, jokes, trivia, games and more. MB7NFI isn't licenced, due to strange rules, to host its own BBS so links to GB7ROS for BBS services. Using the CHAT command you will be connected to the world wide Convers chat system.

Here is its BPQ help file

MENU - News, Sport, Weather, QRZ Lookup, Jokes, Trivia and more
CHAT - WorldWide Convers Chat System
BBS - BBS provided by GB7ROS
MUD - Multi-User dungeon game hosted by GB7MBC
WALL - Please leave a message on the graffiti wall
SYSINFO - Displays system information
IM - Send a Telegram Instant Message to the SysOp

(C)ONNECT - C <port> <destination>
(B)YE - Disconnect
(I)NFO - Basic node info
(N)ODES - Display linked or neighbouring nodes
(P)ORTS - Node radio ports
(R)OUTES - Node routing info
(U)SERS - Connected users
(M)HEARD - M <port> - Heard stations by port
(H)ELP - Display this help
(?) - List of commands

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