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GB7XTF Suffolk

An experimental and developing VHF BPQ Node on the Suffolk/Norfolk border

Inspired by both the OARC Packet Network Project and locally by Team Wave MX0WVV

AXIP links to M7GMT-5 and GB7MSX at present to encourge activity; new links welcomed especially RF.

Initial setup on 144.950 MHz FM 1200 baud AFSK for compatibility with existing local users; ongoing intention is to experiment with newer modes using NinoTNC and developments in software modems.

Packet mail region #36.GBR.EURO albeit not forwarding at present

Sysop Tony M0XTF

Locator JO02sl

Station Equipment

  • - TAIT 8110 VHF
  • - Vertical end fed dipole at 8m agl
  • - NinoTNC
  • - Raspberry Pi4 running Bookworm 64 bit Pi OS, LinBPQ and QTTermTCP
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