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GB7MBC Morecambe, Lancashire

2m packet node with mailbox NoV. Is believed to offer DX Cluster service.

Frequency: 144.95 MHz

Sysop: G0VGS

Packet mail region #16.GBR.EURO

Locator: IO84
Lat/lon of grid corner: 54.500000, -3.000000

GB7MBC is part of the North West Packet Group, more information can be found here.

GB7MBC is using BPQ32 software, here is its help file

FUN - News, Sport, Weather, QRZ Lookup, Jokes, Trivia and more. Hosted by MB7NFI
CONV - WorldWide Convers Chat System
BBS - BBS provided by GB7MBC
MUD - Multi-User dungeon game hosted by GB7MBC
SYSINFO - Displays system information

(C)ONNECT - C <port> <destination>
(B)YE - Disconnect
(I)NFO - Basic node info
(N)ODES - Display linked or neighbouring nodes
(P)ORTS - Node radio ports
(R)OUTES - Node routing info
(U)SERS - Connected users
(M)HEARD - M <port> - Heard stations by port
(H)ELP - Display this help
(?) - List of commands

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