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G8PZT Kidderminster, West Midlands

2m Packet Node / Chat Server / PMS

Primary alpha test for XRPi (XRouter for Raspberry Pi) advanced packet router.

Also alpha testing XRlin (x86 Linux) and XRWin (Windows).

Location: Wolverley, near Kidderminster, IO82UJ

Frequency: only 144.800 MHz AX25 at present. (looking to add more)

Elevation: 46m ASL in Stour Valley

AXUDP links with: Devon, Cornwall, South Wales, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Scottish Borders, Canada, Ohio, Texas, New South Wales, and New Zealand (both islands)

Links with other Xrouters would be welcomed!!

Supported Languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish (more to come).

ANSI colour, if you are up to it.

Very outdated Web site:

Latest versions and support:

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